Some Serene Beaches Of India

If one loves to travel to the beaches then India is a country of endless beaches. Some are crowded, some not so. Some have white sands and some have golden. Here are some beautiful beaches that one can explore in this country.

Ezhimala Beach, Kerala

This beach is located almost 55 kilometres away from Kannur and this is a perfect sea side for a perfect holiday in Kerala. It is one of the largest naval academics and it also has some historic importance because it has its mention in the Ramayana. The place has a lot of hill caves and some carved stones. That is why; this place is an abode for those who love serene holidays.

Cola Beach, Goa

Southern part of Goa is much more peaceful than its northern parts. They have more natural beauty, lovely shores and some fishing villages there which turn it to be a mesmerising landscape. Cola beach is definitely not a popular sea beach and so it is still safe from the eye of the tourists. This beach has golden sands and some fresh water lagoons adorned with palm trees. So, if one wants a secluded holiday then this is the right place to be.

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

The Kutch region of Gujarat is not much explored and so the Mandvi beach is also less explored here. This place is actually a 400 year old ship building yard and here even today some ships are manufactured. One can also pay a visit to the nearby Vijay Vilas Palace which has some beautiful architecture.

Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

This beach lies on the coastal town of Karnataka named Byndoor. This serene beach is also located under a hanging cliff of a very small hillock. On the top of the hillock there is a temple named Someshwara Temple and the peaceful beach is also surrounded by some lush green forests. The speciality of the beach is it is in the confluence of the Sumana River getting merged with the Arabian Sea. So this is definitely one of the most exotic destinations to spend the holiday.

 Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

If you want to drive across the shore then this place is the one with the longest driveable beach of India. This place is 22 kilometres away from Contai which is a very small town in West Bengal. One can get to see a lot of sand bubbler crabs here. One can get some fresh sea food here which is a delicacy.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

This beach, located near Vishakhapatnam is surrounded by hills and some mangroves. It is one of the exotic sea beaches in the east coast of India. One can also get to see the famous Dolphin’s nose light house which is just a few kilometres away from the beach. One can easily reach these places by booking a train ticket from the online websites. For train food delivery one can also pre order from the e catering service of Indian Railways and get them served right on time.

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