Four Top Hotels in India That Every Art Lover Must Visit in 2019

In India, one has the grand opportunity to enjoy phenomenal classifications of art forms. Well, thanks to our rich history that includes invasions India now hold a vast range of art and architecture styles that it can be proud of.

While we talk about art, it’s not the form that is found only in galleries or exhibitions but many hotels in India have indulged in supporting and exhibiting the art styles on their property and have gained popularity on this basis only.
Below are some of the top hotels in India that every art lover should visit once:

  • Shahpura House, Jaipur – We all wished once in our life that, what if our parents are secretly wealthy and own a line of palaces. Well, soon enough we realised that we are delusional. But nevertheless, we can still live that dream! The Shahpura Hotels is a creation of dreams and is one of the affordable hotels in India.
  • The present owners, Maharaj Surendra Singh, a descendant of the royal family of Shahpura, committed to restoring the properties – the Hotel and the House. The hotel makes sure that you feel like home as the owners personally attend you. The architect inside is a mixture of Mughal and Indian, a facade with domes and frescoes. The hotel is planned with love and care, making all our royal dream come true!
  • Aboda, Mumbai – As they popularly say, Mumbai is the city of dreams and staying true to the fact, Aboda is a boutique hotel that is made of dreams. Located in Colaba, one of the coolest boutique hotels in India. It’s a heritage property which was owned by David Sassoon, one of Bombay’s most industrious entrepreneurs.
  • Aboda is an amalgamation of modern and vintage furniture and design. It has a total number of 20 rooms with the carefully curated original art piece. Some of the facilities that the hotel provides are of the quaint cafe which has a library attached to it, a shop where they sell a small range of original products from hand-woven scarves to tribal jewellery, supporting the local designers, a spa session, which let’s agree we all need and last but not the least, a GYM! Yes, you heard it right. After binging on that good food, you might feel like hitting the gym.
  • Bloom boutique hotel, Bangalore – Located in south India’s most entertaining destination, Bangalore. The hotel is one of the best hotels in India. It is just 100 ft away from the hustle and bustle of the city.The place can be uniquely identified by its vibrant yellow and cream interiors. The interiors are modern, minimalist, and by far the best hotels in Delhi.
  • The bloom hotel has excellent facilities like buffet breakfast, cafe, free water and to end it with, and they have free wifi! So that we all can click Instagram worthy photos of the beautiful hotel and the city and upload it at our convenience. Whether you are staying in the city for work or leisure, you are guaranteed to have a great time at the hotel!

Scarlette, Delhi – This place requires your significant trust on google maps. You might cross this place and not even realise that its a hotel! This is not your quintessential hotel; it’s a three-level- whitewashed building which gives a feel of a Delhi Kothi, even the inside of it feels like a Delhi home, all warm and fuzzy! This boutique hotel consists of 4 rooms. The house has a very Indo-french aesthetic. This hotel has some very interesting facilities.

Like, every room has a separate mobile phone as foreigners sometimes face the problem of getting one and the amount is then added to their bill, the second most exciting thing they have is a speaker who helps you stream your music and to make you feel even more welcomed they have a golden ambassador waiting for you outside to help you explore Delhi, the lavish way!

With long weekends approaching this October, be it the Dussehra weekend, or the long Diwali weekend, hope this will make your plans a little more sorted!

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