Why Should You Choose LED lights When There Are Other Options Available?

Lighting is essential while decorating a room. A perfect style of lighting can uplift the mood and brighten up the minds of the people inside the room. Hence it is important to understand which type of light to use to create the desired ambiance. Nowadays, LED light bulbs are quite popular as it is significantly brighter than the other type of lights like a fluorescent light. Also, they can be up to 80% more energy efficient than the other lights, i.e., the LED lights consume less energy and hence using these lights can reduce the electricity bill. LED lights are usually made with the arrays of SMD modules (surface mount LED modules) which is able to replace the fluorescent lamps which are rated from 5 to 200 watts.

Nick Holonyak Jr. was working at the General Electronic when he developed the first visible spectrum (red) LED. His student, M. George Craford improved the brightness of this light and invented the yellow LED light in 1972. Four years later, T. P. Pearsall successfully developed the highly efficient and high brightness LED bulb. Since then, different types of LED bulbs have been developed to serve different purposes. Except for the physical shops, people can easily buy LED light bulbs online India according to their requirements as these types of bulbs are available in multiple e-commerce websites.

LED bulbs have gained popularity for many reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • Unlike the fluorescent strip lights which contain unsafe chemicals such as mercury, LED lights do not contain any toxic elements which are harmful to our health. Hence the usage of LED lights helps to reduce the toxic wastage.
  • Compared to traditional lighting, LED bulbs draw very less power. A 36 watt LED light is sufficient to replace an 84 watt fluorescent light as they give the same level of brightness.
  • Regular usage of LED bulbs provides a better environment for us as by doing this, carbon emission can be reduced which is important for a healthy environment.
  • The distribution of light of the LED bulbs in the room is better than the other types of bulbs. Also, it is easy to focus light in a particular direction using LED lights. Hence the less number of bulbs is required to get the same amount of brightness if we are using LED light.
  • The LED bulbs do not need frequent replacements. Compared to the other type of bulbs, LED bulbs can sustain 6times longer. Hence it reduces our expenses. Also, its long life span is responsible for low carbon emissions which is helpful to reduce air pollution.

Because of these advantages, the sales volume of different types of LED lights in increasing day by day. From our homes to the workplaces, LED bulbs can be noticed everywhere. Nowadays, people prefer to buy LED light bulbs online as they get to compare and choose from a wide range of different type of LED bulbs which comes in different sizes, powers, shapes, and colors.

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