Ways to Migrate OpenCart to WooCommerce store

In this digital world, – online stores are growing day by day. Therefore, it’s time to move data from Opencart to Woocommerce, because just to expand your boundaries and scale your business with WooCommerce setup stores.

Before you begin, discuss Opencart and Woocommerce in detail in detail:

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the largest online stores. And products and services are used to sell online. Many times, because it makes these things easily affordable and accessible.

To be known – WooCommerce is a free and open source platform. Along with this, it is completely free for anyone to download, use and modify.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an online resource that is designed to facilitate communication between businessmen and customers and their lives.

It is a fast-growing eCommerce platform with which you can start a small or medium-sized eCommerce business.

Now, bending towards the point, deciding to migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce, you have to move the entire data. Eg – products, categories, attributes, customers, passwords, orders, etc.

Let’s start with a list of data for which Woocommerce needs to export data from OpenCart.

Data list to be migrated

Products: The first explanation that should be transferred is the product, which includes the product, description, quantity, stock position, product picture, additional picture, price etc.

Customers: It includes all the details of customers such as name, last name, email, dob, address and more.

Categories: Move all categories of products and images as well.

Orders: Order product, discount price, Order date, Order number, etc.

Reviews: All customer reviews, ratings, and status should be transferred from OpenCart to WordPress.

Taxes: Migrate all the rules of the product and the tax value.

Take a look at the things you should keep in mind before moving from OpenCart to WooCommerce.

For Source Store(OpenCart)

  • Make sure you have the correct permissions to upload files to your source store.

For Target Store(WooCommerce)

  • Target store should be stored in stable hosting or localhost.
  • PHP Curl should be enabled.
  • PHP fopen (allow_url_fopen) should be turned on.
  • The web server must have full permissions to write to the /wp-content/uploads/folder.

Now download OpenCart for the WooCommerce Migration plugin.

OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration Plugin

  • First of all, download Opencart to Woocommerce Migration Plugin.
  • Thereafter, login to WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins.
  • Now click Add New then Upload plugin, then select the file then click on Install Now.
  • Also, to activate the migration process, activate the plugin and register with CartCart.

Register with Cart2Cart Account:

  • You need to create or sign in to a new Cart2Cart account.
  • After the login process, you will get two options, but you must first click on “Start Free Demo”.
  • After this, you will get a source cart to fill that you want to move and this is the URL.
  • Download the connection bridge zip file.
  • Set the target shopping cart. Enter the Target Setup Cart and its URL Download Connection Bridge and install it above with WooCommerce in your WordPress root folder.
  • Later, select the entities you want to migrate to. You can select additional options to compress your migration list.
  • Once the process is complete, you can check the data in your targeted cart.
  • For complete data migration, select all the units general and additional and click the full migration button and you will receive an email notification when you can complete data migration when shifting and completion.

Another way that OpenCart has been used to transfer to the WooCommerce store is the Litextension. As was done in Cartacart, you have to make a connection between the source store and the target store.

OpenCart to WooCommerce via LitExtension:

Source Cart Connector Setup:

To create a connection between the source kart and LitExtension, you must install the connector field in your source store. To get a preview of the set to click on the live demo button and download the source kart connector.

Separate “woocommerce_connector” in the source cart root folder. When finished, make sure the connector can access here:


Thereafter, you will get a message called “Connector Installed”, it has been installed properly once.

If you are experiencing any problems, use the link, make sure that you have correctly configured and permission to execute the file.

For security, open the connector.

define(‘LECM_TOKEN’, ‘12345’);

After that, change “12345” to any other string, it will be used to enter the migration form (cart token) and will act as a “password” to prevent unauthorized data access to your source store.

Target Cart Connector Setup:

Going forward on the Target Cart Connector, login to the Lite Extension Store, which account you buy Litextension products because, you will have to go to My Account for automatic installation, then go to My Downloadable and then go to the Hosted Tool.

In fact, the license key is an encoded string that comes with your download package. However, this key needs to activate your migration tool.

  • Next, log in to our store and enter the “My downloadable product” section.
  • Now, you will see the download link and license key because for the download package.
  • After that, log in to your WooCommerce Target Store backend, select Cart Migration again settings, and copy it and paste your license key here:

Migration Process:

Login to your WooCommerce Target Store backend and then select Cart Migration> Migration.

For all, it will pass through 3 simple steps.

First step:- source cart configuration
  • Cart Type: Select the same Source Cart Type (OpenCart).
  • URL: Enter the registered URL in your license.
  • Token Cart: Token string will be configured in Connector.php.
Second Step: Migration Configuration

Language mapping: If your source cart is fluent, then related languages ​​should be available in the WooCommerce store. To avoid data loss you may need to make additional languages ​​in the WooCommerce store.

Currencies Mapping: Select the appropriate target currency tag postures for WooCommerce Store currencies. In addition, WooCommerce Store may be necessary to make currencies in the target.

Order Status Mapping: Select the source cart order statuses for proper target WooCommerce store order situations.

Entities to migrate: Select all the institutions to shift or just for one part of them.

Third Step: Migration

Following are some information:

Source Cart: This URL must be registered with your license.

Entity Limit: You need to purchase or upgrade the second license code to change the value associated with your license code.

Tips Slider: Besides, you should know useful tips.

Migration Progress: Show current progress.

Console: Show all correction information.

That’s All!

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