How to protect kids from cyber bullying and cyber stalking

No matter what parents do their best to protect the kids and teens from all kinds of dangers. But over the years parents are struggling to protect kids and teens online from the cyber predators. Cyber bullies are the most dangerous predators’ online youth these over the years ever come across with. They are the one that has been migrated to the web or you can say real –life predators that have got skills and proficiency in terms of technology.

So, they are using social media platforms, particularly where tweens and children stay online at larger numbers. So, they use social media apps and send/receive text messages, conversations, media files, and others stuff and use sexually explicit language to humiliate their victims for the sake of fun. It really impacts a lot on the young minds and they get started to stay lost, lonely and ultimately got behavior issues. In addition, child stalking is another social issue that always haunting teens and kids to the fullest.

Stalkers are more dangerous than bullies online. Cyber bullies just want to disrespect their victims the moment they have had the conversation with the victim. However, when it comes to stalkers they play very well. Their prime target is to win the trust of the target and once they have got it via conversations in a friendly manner, later on, they met with the young teens in real –life.

Then they try to get involved with teens sexually and then move to another target leaving the victim idle. Cyber bullies and stalkers use social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat and other alike to target young kids and teens. The question arises how to protect children from bullies online.

What to do protect kids from bullies online & stalkers?

Simply, parents have to use the technology in order to monitor young kids and teens online activities especially on cell phones, tablets, and even on computer machines. Therefore, parents need to use parental control app on their kid’s digital devices to know about all of their hidden activities to analyze where and why things have been gone wrong to take precautionary measures to protect children from stalkers and cyber bullies online.

 So, let’s install the OgyMogy cell phone & computer monitoring app on kids and teens devices to protect them from digital nightmares to the fullest.

Install cell phone & PC monitoring software

All you need to do is to visit the OgyMogy  parental monitoring software and then you need to subscribe for the best mobile phone and PC surveillance app. Then you will get the login passcode and ID via email sent to you. Moreover, you will need to have physical access on the targeted cell phone or PC and once you have it. Start the installation process and when you are ended up with the process then you need to activate it on the target device. In addition, when you have done with the activation process, then you need to use the credentials and further get access to the online control panel. Now you can use the number of tools that empowers to track digital devices of your kids and teens to protect them from digital dangers such as bullying and stalking.

Call recording

The end user can record and listen to the phone calls incoming and outgoing on the target device with the use of call recording software. Moreover, you can store the data of the recorded calls over the web.

IM’s social media

You can monitor the logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps logs in terms of messages, media as photos and videos, audio and video calls, conversations and Voice messages.

Live screen recording

You can live screen recording of both cell phone and PC with the use of live screen recording app. It enables the user to perform back to back short videos of the screen to monitor Chrome, YouTube, SMS, emails, passwords, and email.

Website blocking on windows and MAC computers

It empowers you to block all the inappropriate websites on windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices by putting the URLs into the filters with the use of windows and MAC monitoring app.


Protect your kids and teens from all kinds of cyber predators such as bullies online and stalkers with the parental control app for cell phone and PC. You can get to know to whom teens and kids are talking at the moment and what sort of activities they are performing.

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