Top activities to do at a baby shower

There are many exciting activities that take place when one is expecting a baby. From decorating the nursery to going for prenatal care and, of course, having a baby shower.
and for good reason, as they give the expectantparents a chance to spend time with their friends and family and also gives everyone involved a chance to have fun and celebrate.
That said, there is no shortage of possible activities one can engage in at a baby shower, some of which are as follows:
1.      Gender reveal: While some people choose to have a separate party to reveal the gender or genders of the upcoming baby or babies, others choose to have a single baby shower and let all their guests know then.
There are a number of ways to go about this as you could make it obvious through your choice of decorations and colors what the baby’s gender is.
On the other hand, you can choose to keep this fact a secret until the end of the party and make the reveal by opening a piñata, cutting a cake, revealing via balloons and what not.
2.      Paint:Painting is an amazing group activity for all ages and can be done even at a baby shower.
First, guests can collectively paint on small canvases and then the paintings can be used to decorate the baby’s room. Alternatively, they can be given to the expectant mother as a gift.
Another trend that is becoming popular is painting the expectant mothers’ belly in various colors and then taking pictures. This is not only a fun activity but can be a great memory to keep on the big day.3.      Play games: Party gamesare a way to get all attendees having fun.
There are several games that are created forbabyshowers such as ‘baby or beer belly?’ ‘Guess the baby food’ and so on.
Choose your games well ahead of time and make sure to get a baby showergifts and games from a retailer such as theworks UK.
4.      Eat and drink: No party would be completed without food an refreshments and a baby shower is no different.
Thankfully, there is a wide array of baby shower-themed foods that are popular these days.Examples include milkshakes served in baby bottles to guests, baby-shaped cakes and other foodsthat are centered on the themes of babies.
Whatever snacks you choose to serve at your baby shower, make sure they are suitable for guests and fit the overall theme of your party.
5.      Giving gifts: Many people want to give gifts to expectant parents, from friends to family to those who are simply well-wishers and babyshower gives the perfect opportunity for people to not only visit the expectant parents but also to give gifts as well.
There is no reason for a baby shower to be boring.From games to food, there are anumber of activities one can include to ensure that both the celebrantsand guests have a god time.

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