Best Vegan Restaurants in London that deserve a place on the top of your checklist

The most exciting part about London is the food. You will find a plethora of luscious options that are worth drooling over. But a thing that turns out to be a nightmare is finding vegan food.

If you are a tourist, then it can be arduous for you to locate palatable and vegan-friendly restaurants that serve the best food.

In case you are craving for vegan food and want to add some greenery in your life, then you should visit the below-mentioned vegan restaurants.

Pied a Terre, Fitzrovia

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Pied a Terre is a celebrated vegan-friendly restaurant that is catering to the taste buds of dwellers since a long time. You can try a myriad of vegan dishes here that are garnished with the essence of olive oil.

This restaurant serves a comprehensive five-course menu for vegan and vegetarian dishes which are exemplary for anyone who wants to try best vegan food with utmost lavishness.

Wildflower, Peckham

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Wildflower is a food chain that comprises one of the best brunch, lunch and dinner options. The extremely commendable thing about this restaurant is the menu. You will find many exciting dishes that are alien to the world, but are full of taste and are flavoursome.

RASA, Stoke Newington

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Another restaurant that deserves your attention is RASA. If you love curries, then get into a cab and start heading towards this restaurant. You will be mesmerized with the aroma of freshly prepared food that will magnetize you to have a bite.

Wrap Up

You should definitely try vegan food in London. These are the finest restaurants that prepare the best vegan food and are renowned among the dwellers. Jump into a cab, find the restaurant location and hop in for the best experience of your life.So, these were the vegan food options in London to make your hunger game sorted. If you are looking for something dreamy to do in London, then you can also go for taking London escorts in Singapore to spend a while with you and have the best time.

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