Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater Health Insurance

Especially for first-time users since the terminologies are unfamiliar and finances are involved.
There are many different types of health insurance plans, each with its set of benefits and limitations. You should be aware of inclusions and exclusions of different plans to ensure you buy the best health insurance policy.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

This insurance policy caters to the health insurance needs of an individual. The premium is calculated keeping in mind the individual’s medical history, age, and current health condition. The Health Suraksha Gold from HDFC is designed to

meet individual Medical insurance Dubai needs and safeguard you from hefty medical expenses. This insurance policy is not suitable for entire family as you will need to buy a separate plan for each member

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

This is a planned insurance plan and a long-term policy that keeps on adding features with your (or your parents’) growing age. Once you have completed 4 claim-free years, many new features such as no capping on room rents and free

health check-ups are unlocked. This policy is a good investment for people above the age of 50 as it allows you to lead a stress-free life with the help of a planned medical investment.

Critical illness Insurance Policy

Family Health Insurance Plan

Instead of buying separate insurance plans for every member, you can secure your family under a single plan with a family health insurance plan. The HDFC ERGO family health insurance plan can be opted for

Old age brings along a lot of medical issues. The regular hospital rides, tests, and emergency treatment expenses may leave a dent in your savings. Parent’s Health Insurance Dubai is customized to provide immediate medical assistance along

This insurance policy offers lump-sum compensation in one single transaction to cover costs incurred during medical treatment of critical illness. The insurance policy also offers tax exemption under section 80D

When buying any insurance policy, it is important to consider which insurance policy can best cover yours and your family’s health care needs and go through the features of each policy to find the best health insurance for you.

Why health insurance? 6 Reasons You Need Health Cover         

Lifestyle Hazards: Our environment is polluted, we are surrounded by gadgets all day, we are consuming preservatives in our food and our general way of life has become unhealthy with haphazard eating and sleeping habits. So in this time and age, even in your 20s you are not completely healthy. A health cover ensures that if at all a problem may arise, it does not throw your finances for a toss.

Premiums are lower for younger ages: In his/her 20s one might feel that it is too early for buying health insurance cover. As chances of critical illness are very low. Moreover, the younger you are, lower the insurance premiums. So you basically end up spending a nominal amount for securing your precious future.

Group health insurance is not sufficient: Corporate employees are already covered under group health insurance. While it does add a sense of security, it is not enough. The cover is lower in case of group health insurance and a lot of critical diseases might not be covered. An individual health insurance policy customized to your needs and lifestyle is the ultimate promise of security.

It covers more than just hospitalisation: A truly all encompassing health cover includes a lot more such as OPD charges, maternity plans, day-care procedures, ambulance. Also a number of non-hospital related services such as physiotherapy, optical, dietary advice, Ayurveda and homeopathy as well.

Buying it timely helps you sail through the waiting period: Health insurance plans come with waiting periods for certain surgeries. Critical diseases, pre-existing conditions and maternity benefits. When you buy health insurance cover at a young age. By the time you actually need the insurance cover, you would have already covered the waiting period.

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