Do the Pile Relief Medicines Really Help to Eliminate Piles Completely?

“Piles” is a term that is more commonly used instead of hemorrhoids. It is an inflammation of the blood vessels in the anal canal and can also include certain muscles, support tissue, and elastic fibers. A lot of people suffer from the problem but since the disorder is entirely internal, the people around them are not usually aware of the person’s plight. The size of the hemorrhoids can vary from person to person and they can be found both on the inside and the outside of the anal canal. Some of the main causes of the problem include constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, and lifting heavy weights on a regular basis. The disease can be easily diagnosed by a proctologist and there is treatment available at an easy access.


During the diagnosis of the problem, a doctor usually examines the patient physically. There are some questions which can be asked during the examination, some relating to the family history of the disease and others relating to the personal medical history of the patient. There is a requirement to ask about the family history of the disease since in some cases, the disease can pass through the genes as well. The doctor can also ask about the presence of any blood or mucus in the stools, the color of the stools, recent weight loss, or the frequency of the movement of the bowel movements.

If the hemorrhoids are internal, the doctor may have to perform a digital rectal exam or use a proctoscope to examine the anal canal. The latter is a hollow tube that is fitted with a light and inserted in the anal canal to look for the hemorrhoids in the anal canal. The doctor can also take up a small sample of the tissue of the anal canal. This tissue can be sent to the lab for further examination. If the diagnosis is not clear or the doctor suspects that the patient may have other digestive disorders and diseases, he or she can also recommend a colonoscopy. It can also be recommended in case of a suspicion of colorectal cancer.


Usually in moderate cases, the hemorrhoids can shrink on their own, and you do not require following any course of treatment. However, in severe cases, you may have to undergo severe treatments and they will bring about relief to your anal canal. There are many courses of treatment that can be followed in order to get relief from piles. Following are some of the ways in which you can get relief from piles:

  1. Lifestyle Changes: Your doctor can recommend you many changes in your lifestyle that will help in getting relief from piles. These can include dietary changes like increasing fiber content in your diet or eating bran-based cereals. Your proctologist can also increase your water intake in order to help the bowel movements. Lifestyle changes like increasing exercise can also be helpful in managing the problem through weight loss.
  2. Medicines: There are many medicines available in the market that can help you get relief from piles. You can go to your local pharmacist and ask for piles pain relief medicine like painkillers, ointments, topical creams, and pads to help with the pain and redness. Another way to help with the pain can be through corticosteroids, which can also decrease the inflammation around your hemorrhoids. Stool softeners or laxatives can also be used to help with the bowel movements.
  3. Surgery: There are many cases in which the patient is a severe case of piles and requires immediate surgery. This is usually the case when there is no piles pain relief tablet that can help the patient to rest easy. There are many surgical options and techniques which your proctologist or general surgeon can follow in order to deal with the problem at hand.

Do the Medicines Really Work?

You can get immediate relief from the pain that is caused due to the hemorrhoids. However, they are an instant measure and cannot cure the disease in the long term. To deal with the problem, General Medical Systems has developed a device that follows the cryotherapy technique to shrink down the hemorrhoids. The patient can get immediate relief from the problem and the continuous usage of the device can help to shrink down the hemorrhoids permanently as well.

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