Keeping issues of dandruff to a manageable level

People suggest that moisturizing with natural oil keeps your hair in a healthy state. For someone who suggests, they are not taking into consideration problem of dandruff. If dandruff occurs you cannot stay without washing of your hair.  This would be at beginning stages of dandruff. If you do so condition gets worse. Opt for a ketomac shampoo hair fall as it will eliminate the issue at the bud. Be aware that dandruff accumulates when there is excess oil on your scalp and you need to wash it away. If you do not rinse off the shampoo in a proper manner it could lead to more problems. The residue that remains on the scalp could force way to future problems.

Be it your skin or hair you need to take proper care of it.  The logic is that you need to take care of your body from within. By eating food you cannot have dandruff, but consumption of certain types of food may flare up the problems. A balanced diet is a suggestion to ensure proper upkeep of your hair. If the body is deficient in vitamin B then you need to take vitamin B complex which is the core of all hair cells. Your diet needs to include foods rich in vitamin B complex and popular food sources are banana, oatmeal

The major issue why dandruff could emerge is if you over style your hair. Numerous hair products are available in the market which is not conducive for healthy growth of your hair. The residue of these products sticks on to the hair and cause dandruff flare ups. Do stay away from hair gels or sprays. The main reason why dandruff flares up is due to excessive use of hair styling products.

Some of the ways by which you can deal with dandruff are as follows

You can massage your hair with coconut oil and lemon

Once you massage lemon with coconut oil it provides a stimulant impact. As lemon juice can eradicate dandruff, mixing it with coconut oil would double its impact. To start off you would need to heat coconut oil in a pan, and just take a couple of teaspoons. Go on to add a tinge of lemon juice to it and once it cools down massage your hair in a gentle manner. Once done, leave it on for 20 minutes and with a good shampoo rinses your hair.

Baking soda

How many of you are aware that baking soda is a good remedy for dandruff? Before applying it on your hair, you need to make the scalp along with hair a little bit wet and apply a spoonful. Once you leave it on for 90 seconds wash it off.

Tea tree oil Another effective remedy to remove dandruff is application of tea tree oil. Now how do you apply it? Just pour a tinge of tea tree oil and apply it on the scalp. After 5 minutes rinse it off.

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