Is Hemp oil Illegal?

I bet everyone is wondering is Hemp oil illegal or not? The answer to that is no it’s not illegal, it’s actually legal in many different parts to be exact. There is nothing about this specific oil that makes it illegal. Even if that were the case, illegal products are not allowed for sell and would never be sold.

Hemp oil

There have been no type of laws within the US or even Canada that would suggest that the possession of any illegal hemp, this consists of the sterilized seeds, hemp seed oil, flour from within hemp, other ingredients that don’t include hemp or any other products definitely being made from the hemp industrial companies.

Many people grow and produce the supply of seed products from one of many strains of hemp products that naturally produce either a little bit or absolutely none of THC. It is simply measured at about 0.00% THC. Many strains of Cannabis Sativa are also produced with high levels of THC. These specific strains are known as Marijuana. There’s really no similarities between marijuana and hemp as most people may think there is.

Since plants are grown differently then there may as well be many different types of plants, most which should be processed differently as well, many are made from different sections of the plants and have grown apart genetically, that a majority of them are not the same for all purposes.

Is it possible for you to test positive for THC if I eat your hemp products?

As you all know that sometimes when you take in a great amount of drugs, it tends to come up on a doctors computer. When it comes to hemp products, Health Canada, known as the governmental body that has a lot to do with the hemp industry located in Canada, highly forbids and states that there cannot be of any selling of Hemp oil that contains more than 10 parts per million that of THC. Which is why consumers only sell about less than 10 PPM of THC. For this reason it’s very important that consumers are being tested to 4 PPM levels to make sure that they don’t sell products that are measured with high levels of THC and this oil has done a great deal of testing non-detectable levels at 4 4 PPM.

Scientific studies suggest that the oil you ingest typically has a THC level of 1 PPM THC, these levels could possibly be a lot lower. The only way you could test positive for this drug is if its level of accuracy allows the concentrations in the parts per trillion range, in some cases you could also test positive if you come in contact with someone that has traces of THC and then putting your hands in your mouth. There is no guarantee that you won’t test positive in these type of cases. But it is possible to detect parts per trillion THC in the blood. It’s not likely but only you can decide.

This should answer your questions or worries on is Hemp Oil illegal.

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