2019 Top Health Trends ideas by DIY Active

Almost a month into the New Year, and is your weighing machine reading still the same?  Fasting is not at all an option to achieve your fitness goals when you have a bunch of healthy alternatives.So, let’s take a quick glance through the ‘it’ health trends of 2019.

  1. Keto diet:  Along with the New Year resolutions of ditching the taste buds and sticking to ‘health food’ has rebounded the extremely low-carb keto diet. This diet seconds that carbs never love you back, so one has to switch to proteins from carbs for the meals. As the name suggests, this diet helps to generate ketones in the body, as the alternative for sugar, which is the otherwise depended upon fuel of our body. Meat, eggs, fish and other proteins such as nuts dominate the meals, whereas the carb content is maintained at the least.
  2. The good fats: Going on a strict diet doesn’t imply that you need to cut down all that ‘crunch and munch’; for you can vouch for healthy yet mouth-watering nutty snacks to go with the cool evening breezes.Like every time, among the health trends of 2019, including avocados, and peanut butter in breakfasts or in any meal whatsoever, is one tip for the health freaks.
  3. Coffee with ghee:  Yeah, that’s right! While there’s always ‘a little bit of this with a little bit of that’ in our diet, this elixir of coffee and ghee surprisingly helps you lose weight. Replace your breakfast cereals once or twice a week, with a cup of brewing coffee, having a glob of ghee mixed in it. Though sounding a little unusual, this is absolutely one ‘it’ drink, 2019 saw emerging in the diet charts of fitness freaks. Being rich in fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, and vitamins A, vitamin E and vitamin D- this drink is a real booster for the body. Also, it helps in healing intestine cells. While you have this drink in your breakfast, you must go on a low-carb diet for the rest of the day, so as to get the desired effect.
  4. Functional water:  With increasing awareness of healthy food, people are actively switching to healthy substitutes for every other edible and beverage. More and more people are switching to functional water leaving behind the sweetened carbonated soda. Setting new wellness trends of 2019, this water is more beneficial since it has added components from herbs, vitamins, fruits and minerals.
  5. Meso-nutrients:  While identifying the macro and micro nutrients helps you tick off the right check boxes from your diet chart, it’s the year of including the meso-nutrients in your diet as well. Well, the goodness of healthy food can be yet more enhanced by acquiring its active compounds optimally. Be it the bio-curcumin from turmeric roots, or the tannins of green tea extract- the meso nutrients are expected to dominate the health trends 2019 is yet to present.

Working out throughout the week and having one cheat day to yearn for is not at all a bad idea when you include the above health foods and/or drinks in your diet chart to corroborate your work out.So, include tick these off from your grocery list and step ahead towards your fitness goals.

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