Which is the Top International School in Bandra

Everybody has same basic things that they want from their children such as we want them to be happy, safe, to learn something about themselves and the world around them, to do the right thing, to have the best possible future beyond childhood and the list goes on.

We might have some expectations from our children such as he/she learns a new language, grasp an understanding of complex scientific knowledge,  lead a team on the sports field or become proficient in creative arts. However, many of us as parents settle for knowing that our children are successful and happy.

We all know it very well, that schools play a vital role in shaping our children and more importantly lead them towards an optimistic future. So, it is hardly surprising, when it comes to the question ‘which school?’ that parents can often feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of the decision.

The easiest and most effective way to know which school is, visit each school, talk to them about the fears, expectations, and hopes you have for your child and ask them questions. Once you have answers to your questions from different schools, it becomes easier to choose from a wide range of schools available.
Here are some of the questions that you should ask:

-If the school has planned the activities to assist your child in a positive start to the school or not?
-What is the age eligibility criteria for school admission?
-How often the school provides information to parents regarding the child’s progress?
-Does the approach which the school follows is child-centered? And if yes, then is it challenging enough to develop the strengths of the child?
-How many and what all co-curricular activities are offered?
-Where will you find the admission enquiry form?
-How do the students in school perform?
-What types of standardized tests are there?
-What are the expectations for staff about students of high ability, special needs, ESL, other areas?
-Are the teachers friendly during your visit?
-See if the school is an accredited degree or not.
-Since how long the school is in existence?

The conversations that emerge from these questions will certainly get you started! One last question that needs to be answered for which you were reading this article- to know about the top international school in Bandra. It’s MLSI (Mount Litera School International). You must be wondering how can I be so sure about that? Here’s why! Their main focus is to make children independent critical thinkers and active participants in a global society.

Moreover, they have designed the environment in a way that there is a shared passion and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, achieving and being together. The school appoints the best teachers, leaders and staff and give them professional development training from time to time. Other than that there are other things which makes the school the best.
Hope this article has helped and answered all of your questions.

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