HR jobs – Skills, Qualification, Responsibilities In HR Jobs In India

There has been an overwhelming change in how Human Resource professionals are viewed over the last few years. HR jobs have evolved from being observed as a slow personnel department to a function that recognizes the value of employees as an important resource for the organization. Today HR jobs have become about acting as a strategic partner to business leaders. The HR personnel contributes significantly to business decisions, and also advises top management on vital transitions. Developing the value of the employees is also part of HR jobs in today’s day and age. Apart from this, the entire onus of recruitment, training, payroll, retention, as well as performance management also lies with HR personnel.

What are the responsibilities of an HR personnel?

The role of HR is incessantly transforming and continuously taking on new dimensions with the changing business scenario. Apart from the fact that HR professionals have to stay on top of hiring and employment laws, there are other aspects that are equally important for the HR team. HR jobs entail delving into people management as well as payroll challenges and performance appraisals. Some of the core responsibilities that are an inherent part of an HR job are related to hiring and retaining talent. Apart from that the HR job aspirant will need to know the nuances of lowering labour costs and aligning the function with the latest technologies available. HR personnel will also have to engage and retain the ever-changing worker profile. Recognising skill gaps and training as per that is also part of an HR job. Not just that, the HR department should also be agile enough to deal with the risks of a global operation.

What are the skills required for HR jobs in India?

Apart from the fact that the HR personnel should be a people’s person, s/he would fare well if they had remarkable relationship-building skills and business orientation. Apart from that the HR job aspirant should be an able consultant and know about data crunching as well as crisis management. S/he must have the ability to handle complexity and also be adaptable and understand the latest technologies. Strategic vision is also an important skill for someone looking for an HR job.

What is the career growth in an HR job?

There are myriad opportunities to grow in an HR job. The higher-ranking human resources personnel have a managerial role to play and need to oversee organizations as well as strategy. The mid-level human resources managers learn immensely from their person-to-person interaction. Ranging from non-profit HR expert to consultancy, HR job seekers have a lot of choices and ways to grow in their career paths. They can opt for international positions where they will be required to recruit candidates into global positions or they could look at becoming training and development managers. Employee education consultancy is yet another avenue for HR job aspirants. There are other options of becoming HR entrepreneurs or executive recruiters too. HR IT specialist is another career path that is quite popular these days.

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