Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Tips

One of the very first turning points in a students life is their class 10 exams. This is where students earn their first credential and potentially unlock new opportunities. Career choices and future ideas are instilled at this point. Hence, students need to ensure utmost care when preparing for their board exams. Here are a few tips which can help to revamp and provide a rewarding learning experience.


One of the very first steps to study effectively is to prepare a plan. Ultimately, the goal is to clear the exams, and having a structured plan helps the student to identify milestones and to work towards it. Furthermore, it provides a benchmark to measure the results and possibly change certain aspects to make the learning experience more effective.

Right Resources

Having the right resources is paramount as it can mean the difference between effective and ineffective utilization of time. NCERT Bookscan come in all formats, some concise, some vast. But the main agenda is to ensure that the readability and the informational quotient is not compromised in any way. Also, online video tutorials and interactive websites are proving to be more effective than any traditional textbook.

Approaches to Studies

Every student has various approaches to studies, but few are more effective than others. One such technique that students should adopt is called Information Chunking. Here, the information is broken down into small, digestible chunks that can be easily understood or memorized. This technique is very effective as it reduces the mental strain and also the cognitive load on the students. Alternatively, students can check NCERT Books for class 10before they start this process as it will give a rough overview of the tasks ahead. Another important, but often overlooked technique is note-taking. This is very beneficial for students as it enhances their learning experience and also, creates another point of reference during exams.
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