Know the types of wash basin

The wash basin is considered to be an important sanitary ware item that is a must have in any home, office, restaurant or other places. Generally, it is bowl shaped and also available in variety of interesting and attractive designs, shapes and colors. Its primary function is to wash hands, utensils or other things. They are fitted usually with taps to provide warm and/or cold water and efficient drainage system in the form of pipes to eliminate used water.

Interesting features in the wash basin

Doing some research on the web is sure to throw up light on the wash basin with cabinet online and know about them in details. There are several types of wash basins available provided with overflow protection system. This is meant to avoid water from pouring out from the wash basin, in case, the drainage experiences congestion. There are also spray features to offer quick rinsing, combined with soap dispenser. Often, the wash basins are termed as ‘Basins’ as well as also ‘Sink’. This product is indeed the most used of the different sanitary ware items used in the restroom such as the bathtub, shower panel, WC, etc.

Know the different types of wash basins

Different models of sinks have been created to undertake different types of role. Hence, it will be necessary to understand the specific purpose for purchasing one. This will help to narrow down the selection process and to buy the most appropriate one. The location where it is to be used also plays an important role in the selection like the laundry, bathroom or cooking area. Hence, it is based upon its usage that the product should be purchased. Discussing with the customer care executives of reputed companies will help to know which one is to be purchased for which location of the home.

  • Pedestal Basins: They are regarded to be the basic types and rests upon the narrow ceramic foundation head, which again reaches down. This basin is basically mounted upon the wall structure. Effective support is delivered by its based and water source along with waste pipe joints do not get revealed, thereby retaining its aesthetic looks. They are designed with less storage space and not suitable for small bathrooms.
  • Wall hung basins: They are supported by fix mounting brackets or on hidden mountings on the walls. These are perhaps the most used types and commonly seen everywhere. They also appear trendy looking, strong and resilient. These can be found in varying shapes, designs and sizes to suit all needs. It can even fit in a small bathroom space with great ease. It is also easy to b cleaned, but concealing all water lines can be difficult.
  • Countertop basins: They are mounted within larger bathing room and positioned over the countertop or cabinet. They can be found made of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, etc. moreover, they are efficient enough to cover the water pipes and provide storage space. It also highlights natural elegance and appearance of the washroom.

Searching wash basin online, it is easy to come across numerous reputed brands offering varieties of models at wide range of prices.

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